A Helpful Morning Trick for Weight Loss


Losing weight is all about making small changes in your daily habits. When you first get started with your weight-loss program you start to make a lot of these changes. This includes things like adjusting how many vegetables you eat at each meal, trying your best to be more active by getting a gym membership, and drinking a lot more water. But as you start to reach your weight loss goal sometimes the small changes aren’t enough, and you have to start making more changes to keep up the good progress. Researchers have found that one of the small changes that you can make as you’ve already started to embrace healthy habits is to skip breakfast on your way to the gym in the morning. 

Eating a healthy breakfast every day is a great habit to have that can encourage weight loss. Similarly, heading to the gym first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day off with the type of healthy habit you need to reach your weight loss goals. But, doing both of those things can get a little bit difficult. Researchers have found that those who are committed to going to the gym first thing in the morning are actually better off skipping breakfast before they get there. The reason?  Cutting out those early-morning carbs forces your body to burn fat in the reserves, meaning that rather than burning through the energy you got through the calories you just consumed, your body is going to burn fat from those pesky places you want it to burn fat from, hence helping you lose weight.

What’s more, researchers find that many people who do go to the gym first thing in the morning are hungry a little bit later, which means that many early morning gym goers are actually having two breakfasts: one before heading to the gym, and another as a midmorning snack prior to lunch. Cutting out that first breakfast can mean cutting out calories, which supports your weight-loss goals.

Cutting out breakfast prior to the gym isn’t the right choice for everyone. If you need those calories to give you the energy to get out the door, then keep doing what you are doing. However, if you are only grabbing that early morning breakfast to-go because you’ve been told not to skip the most important meal of the day, then you may want to consider heading to the gym before you eat. 

Making small changes, like adjusting how many meals you eat daily, and when you eat those meals, can really have a big impact on your weight loss efforts.