Burning Fat with Breakfast


You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what exactly makes it earn this distinction? Breakfast has long been lauded as the meal that will help improve your focus and keep you feeling full and healthy throughout the day.  Yet, when it comes time to lose weight, so many people begin to skip breakfast. The reasons for this vary, from not feeling like there are very healthy breakfast options for on-the-go (which can be an incredibly valid point) to feeling like skipping this meal will help you to cut calories, giving you more room for lunch and dinner (which is a tactic that is sure to backfire).

In addition to getting in the way of your ability to focus and stay alert throughout the day, skipping breakfast is found to be associated with overeating. Starting your day off with a deficit is not going to help you stick to your healthy meal plan. It’s more likely to leave you feeling deprived and hungry, both of which are more likely to make you overeat by the time lunch rolls around.

Instead of skipping your breakfast altogether, it is a much better idea to change your breakfast eating habits so that you can start burning more fat from the moment you wake up.

Here are a few meal tips that can help you burn more fat as you try to lose weight by starting your day with a healthy breakfast:

Switch to low-sugar yogurts: Yogurt is a great breakfast option, as it is highly convenient and refreshing. It is also quite helpful for your weight loss goals—especially if you are choosing the right type of yogurt. No sugar added, low-fat Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in sugar. This means it can kick your body into weight loss mode without leaving your feeling deprived of your favorite foods when you wake up in the morning. Skip the options with the artificial flavors and top your yogurt with fresh fruit for an added bonus.

Switch to high-fiber cereals: Some of the most popular breakfast items are cereals. Most food stores have entire aisles dedicated to different cereal options, and most of these cereals are loaded with sugar. This is not a healthy way to start your day! Instead of going for the mainstream cereals, consider something like oatmeal with fresh fruit. Naturally high in protein and fiber, this is a great way to boost your health goals from the moment you wake up.

Other simple changes you can make to help your body begin burning fat morning to night is to say “Goodbye!” to the bagels, breakfast sandwiches and other pastries, and opt for simple eggs or egg whites instead. For more advice on how you can make simple dietary switches with big results, consult with your weight loss doctor.