Healthy Cooking on the Grill


Who says that eating healthier has to mean giving up on great taste?
After having weight loss surgery there are a lot of changes that you will need to make to your diet. Cutting out fast food and cutting down on processed food items is a great place to start, but in many cases you will also have to make some pretty severe changes to the way that you prepare your meals. For a lot of people, changing the way that you cook dinner every night or the types of meals that you prepare for lunch makes losing weight really hard. No one wants to live off of salads day after day, and the idea of switching your diet over to entirely healthy foods may sound like too much to handle. However, there are plenty of ways to make your healthy foods taste amazing, and using your backyard grill is a great place to start.

Getting Comfortable on the Grill

The grill is a staple of summertime and football season, but there are plenty of quick and healthy ways that you can use your grill year round. While burgers and hot dogs may not be the healthiest foods on the menu, there are plenty of additional items that you can throw on the coals to give you and your family a healthy treat.

Here are a few healthy meal ideas that you can enjoy guilt-free:

  • Grilled chicken may feel lame at first, but when you start to diversify the flavor by using different spices and healthy glazes made out of berries and natural fruits, you can enjoy a lot of flavor without breaking your diet plan at all.
  • Consider throwing vegetables on the grill alongside the meats. Grilled vegetables are a great addition to any healthy dinner.
  • If you are looking for help with a full but quick meal, consider putting everything on a kabob and grilling it to perfection. Mushrooms, peppers, meats and even fruits like pineapples are great on kabobs.

There are plenty of ways that you can maximize flavor on the grill, and getting creative with this cooking method can lead to some serious health benefits. After weight loss surgery, put your culinary creativity to the test by seeing how you can bring healthy meals to the table without missing out on any of your favorite flavors. For more help with creating healthy meals that meet your post-weight loss surgery needs, consult with your weight loss surgeon’s nutrition experts.