Improving Dietary Mindfulness


How making healthy changes to your mindset and how you think about food may actually help you lose weight!

There is a lot of talk out there about improving mindfulness for all sorts of lifestyle benefits. Being more mindful can help to improve relationships, help you to perform better at work, and can even help you to achieve your goals in improving skills and fostering new hobbies. The process works by helping you to become more diligent and mindful towards every action that you take.

Similarly, eating mindfully means being aware and thoughtful about every bite that you put in your mouth. Just think of how many times you’ve accidently overindulged in ice cream or chips because you were paying more attention to what was on TV than you were to what was going into your body.  Without making conscious choices about what you are eating, and how much you plan to eat, you could take in hundreds more calories a day than you mean to—all without actually being hungry.

Even before you make the decision to get weight loss surgery, you should try making changes to the way that you think about food and how mindful you are with what you eat to help you combat poor dietary habits.

Here are a few strategies to help you become a more mindful eater:

  • Pick a single space in your home and make that your “eating space.” If you aren’t in that space then don’t eat.  
  • Start keeping a log of everything that you decide to eat, and then write it down before you start to eat. This will help you get in the habit of delaying your decision to eat—even by just a couple of minutes—which will help you to avoid temptations.  
  • Pay more attention to the foods that you have trouble avoiding, and do your best to shift yourself away from environments that make it difficult to stay healthy. This may mean avoiding some of the places (and people!) that you like to visit, but you need to make your health a priority and this is the first step.

Becoming a more mindful eater has nothing to do with learning to cut calories or control your appetite, and everything to do with your mental relationship with food. Be more conscious with every bite you take. This can help you stay healthy as you continue losing weight and learn to keep it off for the long-run.