Living Healthy by Shopping Healthy


When we talk about weight loss surgery, we usually think about all the ways that your life will change after the day of your bariatric procedure. However, as the old saying goes: the more things change, the more they stay the same. There are some elements of your life that unfortunately won’t change at all after weight loss surgery. This includes, for example, the fact that grocery stores will still exist, and you’ll still need to go food shopping, and you’ll probably still be tempted by the same sweets that you are drawn to before your weight loss operation.

Your hometown isn’t going to change when you get weight loss surgery, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay the same. Simply by adjusting the way you handle certain situations will help you cope with difficult times. Food shopping can become a relaxing and fun experience if you get the right attitude. Focusing on the healthy meals that you can make and the different exciting ingredients that you can use can turn the food store into a center for creativity and wellness. The bakery isn’t going to go away, but your opinion of it can change so significantly that you won’t be tempted to walk through it at all.

Your Food Shopping Strategy

After weight loss surgery, do yourself a favor by implementing a healthy strategy for food shopping. Purchasing healthier foods is the first step to making it easier to stick with your dietary guidelines, as well as helping your entire family to become healthier. Other strategies include:

  • Stick to the perimeter: Natural and unprocessed foods like produce, meat and dairy are located on the perimeter of the food store, while processed and sugar-heavy foods are generally in the center aisles. Do the majority of your shopping around the perimeter and avoid the urge to walk up and down every aisle.
  • Write a list: You are much more likely to stick to your shopping plan if you make a list before going and only purchase what you planned for ahead of time.
  • Bring your own bags: Planning on doing just a small trip? Bring one or two reusable shopping bags with you and plan to only purchase enough groceries to fit in those bags. This will stop you from picking up superfluous items that you might find on sale.

Sticking to a shopping plan will help you save money as well as reduce the stress associated with at-home snacking. Keep temptations out of your house and encourage healthier eating in your entire family by implementing a strong food shopping strategy. For more information on what items to buy as you follow your post-weight loss surgery guidelines, talk with your weight loss surgeon.