Orders Up!


How to eat healthy while dining out after weight loss surgery.

Eating out makes it difficult to stay committed to your diet plan, no matter how dedicated you are to the cause. There are a lot of different reasons why eating out can be harmful to your weight loss goals. From oversized portions to tempting treats, ordering off a menu takes the control of your diet out of your hands and puts you at the mercy of your temptations.

As anyone who has lost any significant amount of weight can attest to, successful weight loss goes far beyond diet and exercise. To reach your weight loss goal you need to make a series of lifestyle adjustments, and one of the most commonly recommended adjustments is to give up the menu and to start eating at home instead of going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why is Eating out So Tough?

Eating out makes losing weight more difficult. This is a plain and simple fact that you need to accept. When you order food from somewhere—whether it is a fast food restaurant or a fancy eatery—you are putting the control over the ingredients in your meal in someone else’s hands. The ingredients they use, how much of each ingredient they use, the cooking technique and even the portion size are entirely up to someone else at that point, and you are left to enjoy the meal as served. This can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals and leave you eating way more calories than you intend.

After weight loss surgery, avoiding eating out altogether is the best practice for staying on track. However, there are some circumstances in which eating out really can’t be avoided. This includes business and travel related meals. While you can plan ahead for special occasion dining that may not be the case when you head out to a restaurant for work, or are simply looking for any available option near the highway as you travel. After having weight loss surgery it is important to have a plan in place for when this occurs.

The following simple steps can help you keep to your diet plan if you find yourself ordering off a menu:

  • Order a water right away, and don’t even look at the other types of drinks that may be offered. Keep it as a given that you will enjoy water as you eat.
  • Think about what you would be making for yourself if you were home, and try to keep your meal as close to that as possible.
  • Ask the waiter about making changes to a dish to make it a bit simpler and easier on your stomach. A skillet chicken dish without the skillet toppings, for example, would simply be grilled chicken.
  • Ask for a to-go box right away, before you even take your first bite. This will give you the chance to pack away the extra portions before you accidentally eat more than you intend.

Thinking healthy like this while out to eat can prevent your dining out experience from being a sabotaging factor on your weight loss efforts.