Spice Up Your Life and Lose Weight


For some reason, when people think of dieting to lose weight their mind will often go quickly to the thought of bland crackers and flavorless beverages. There are plenty of dietary fads out there that might restrict your diet like this, but when you make the effort to eat healthily, your diet is not limited. To the contrary, the effort to eat healthier can be an opportunity to open your existing diet to a world of culinary techniques and vibrant flavors.

After having weight loss surgery, you need to be careful about the number of calories that you are eating every day. Each meal will be condensed to the foods that have the most nutrients and the fewest calories. This will mean exceptionally small meals that won’t have a lot of extra wiggle room for condiments. To make your food as flavorful and enjoyable as possible you will have to take advantage of spices.

Time to Spice it Up

Spices might be one of the most underutilized sources of flavor. So often people run to fatty ingredients like butter or cheese to add flavor to their meal, but taking a step back and bumping up the flavor from the get-go can bring your dish to new and exciting places, without adding any calories to the meal.

Some of the most popular spices include:

  • Paprika, which is a hot spice that is often used in Latin dishes
  • Rosemary, a savory spice that is common in Italian dishes
  • Parsley, a fresh spice that is a great addition to many poultry dishes
  • Cumin, a common Indian spice that is used in much global cuisine

While reducing fats in your food, try adding flavor from healthy seasonings. Most of these seasonings can be used sparingly, with just a teaspoon being necessary to add a big punch of flavor. If you want your food to taste a bit spicy, try adding paprika or chili powder to your dish. For something savory, try garlic salt, cumin, or dried fresh herbs like rosemary, parsley, or oregano. If you are hoping for something a bit sweeter, try nutmeg, allspice or cinnamon.

Sprinkle these spices onto your lean meat prior to cooking to really enliven the flavors of your meal. Spicing up your meals like this can give you the flavor boost you need to enjoy eating a healthy diet.