The Trouble with Intermittent Fasting


One of the biggest weight loss trends to grace the internet at the moment is intermittent fasting. This type of dietary advice encourages people to forego eating altogether for one day at a time in-between days of following a healthy calorie-restriction diet. This would mean eating a healthy low-calorie diet on Monday, waking up Tuesday to a healthy breakfast, and then foregoing food altogether until breakfast on Wednesday morning, followed by a day of healthy eating similar to that followed on Monday. Thursday would then mimic Tuesday, and so on and so forth for as long as you are prepared to follow this dietary plan.

There are a few glaring issues with this plan that will be easy to spot for anyone who has tried losing weight in the past through trendy dietary plans. The biggest issue with this plan is that it is not a long-term solution for healthy weight loss. How long do you think you can follow this dietary plan? One or two weeks, perhaps? While this will help you to shed a few pounds pretty quick, the chances of you gaining those pounds back almost immediately following a return to your regular diet are incredibly high.

Aside from this, even if you think that just losing a few quick pounds is likely to help you jumpstart your long-term healthy eating habits, this type of dietary program does nothing to address hunger, snacking urges and cravings, and the countless other health issues that are likely to stem from such an unhealthy pattern of eating.

Weight loss plans like this aren’t sustainable because they don’t involve long-term dietary changes. The only way to make your weight loss plan work for good is to make sustainable changes to the way that you eat and exercise. This means making long-term changes to the way that you prepare food, the way that you plan meals, and the way that you engage in activity throughout the day.

Working with a weight loss doctor is the best way to encourage long-term changes in your life that will help you to keep those pounds off once and for all. Don’t waste time or money attempting to lose weight fast with any sort of fad diet. The best thing that you can do for your health and wellness goals is to consult with your weight loss doctor about the best options in medical weight loss for your personal healthcare needs.