5 Phenomenal Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga


Throughout its 5,000 year history, yoga has been valued for the health and wellbeing benefits it brings to frequent practitioners. These advantages are just as worthwhile today as they’ve ever been, and here are just five of the ways that taking up yoga could improve your life.

1) Increased Flexibility

When you first begin yoga, some of the positions might seem impossible to achieve, being more suited to a contortionist than a regular physique. But as you progress, you’ll quickly find that your physical flexibility improves, and you can manage much more complicated positions and holds with ease.

Your new agility will give great benefits in daily life, as you’ll be more mobile and feel much less exertion is required for everyday movement.

2) Better Muscle Tone

The sustained poses that yoga involves are an excellent way of improving muscle tone and strength, without the active bulk development that a gym workout can encourage. Strengthened muscles can provide relief from joint pain, back pain, and other types of discomfort, as they improve your posture to take on more of the strain of daily activity.

Improved toning is also especially important if you’re following a weight loss program, helping to develop and maintain a lithe body shape as the fat turns into lean muscle.

3) Faster Weight Loss

But yoga can play a more active role in weight loss too. As well as being a useful form of calorie-burning exercise, frequent yoga sessions can raise your resting metabolic rate. This means your body uses more calories just to function, helping you to get the most out of whichever diet plan you’re following.

4) Better Sleep Quality

Yoga is noted for the sense of serenity it encourages. Combine a calmer mental state with the physical tiredness caused by exercise, and you’ve got a recipe for improved sleep, leaving you with more energy throughout the day.

5) Greater Mental Clarity

Lastly, a large part of yoga involves learning how to focus on the present, on how your body and mind feel at every point during your session. Learning to be more mindful in this way can have many benefits that spread across your life, not least an improvement in mental clarity and focus.

You’ll increasingly find you’re able to concentrate more easily, and approach problems in a more structured way, with clear advantages in both professional and personal arenas.

There are many types of yoga programs available to suit all kinds of lifestyles and physiques. There are also classes to join in most neighborhoods, either free or for a reasonable cost. If you feel your all-round wellness could use a boost, taking up yoga is a powerful way to start on that journey.