Aging into Weight Loss


Everything seems easier when you are young. There is something incredible about those early years of life. Whatever your dream may be, something about the innocence of youth puts it into reach. Whether it is achieving your career goals, forming new relationships, or even taking care of your body—the older you get, the more challenging these things seem to become.

Time makes fools of us all, but there are some things that even time can’t change, and the reality is that if you want to make changes to your diet and exercise habits so that you can lose weight and feel healthier, it doesn’t matter what your age is, that possibility is within your grasp.

Weight Loss Strategies as you Age

While losing a couple of pounds for a special event may have seemed like a breeze when you were in your teens or twenties, the older you get, the more unattainable this seems to feel. What’s more, the older you get, the less likely the issue actually has to do with just a few pounds for an event here or there.

Issues like osteoporosis, arthritis, fatigue and countless other health concerns can really interfere with your ability to stay healthy as you get older, and sometimes these issues turn into added pounds. Before you know it, you may be looking at trying to shed a few pant sizes rather than just a few pounds.

The fundamentals of weight loss remain the same, regardless of your age, but the way that you apply these strategies may have to go through a few adjustments to help you as you grow older.  For example, think about activity, not just diet. The idea of cutting calories to lose weight is so ingrained into the American mentality that the desire to lose weight is synonymous with “going on a diet.” However, diet implies changing eating habits, and to lose weight and keep it off you need to also increase your activity level. A healthy active lifestyle is the best way to encourage a healthy metabolism, which is how your body burns calories throughout the day. Don’t focus entirely on what you are eating. Think also about how often you are moving to keep up with your weight loss goals as you age.

Losing weight as you age does become more difficult, so if you realize that you are having trouble reaching your weight loss goal, don’t waste any time in reaching out to a medical weight loss doctor who can provide you with additional support.