Beat the Heat this Summer


Losing weight and keeping it off requires getting outside and exercising every single day. This includes the summer months, when it might feel way too hot to spend much time outside. Summer is a great season to focus on being healthy. The sunshine and blue skies are a great backdrop for making healthy choices and getting active, and the idea of heading to the beach or wearing a pair of shorts out and about is a huge source of inspiration to stick to your weight loss plan.

But what can you do about your exercise goals?

It is easy to convince yourself to get outside and stick to your goals during the fall and spring evenings when the air is cool and refreshing. But can your motivation take on the humidity of summer?

Here are a few tips to help you stick to your exercise plans this summer:

  • Schedule your exercise according to the weather. If you know that you aren’t an early morning person, then plan your exercise for after dinner in the evening. Keep in mind that while the summer means hot temperatures, it also means long evenings so it is easy to accommodate a bit of extra evening exercise.
  • Dress to take on the humidity. Cotton is comfortable and great indoors, but when you head outside into the humidity you need to wear something moisture wicking. When you wear workout clothes that are designed to deal with sweat you’ll find yourself much more comfortable, despite the heat.
  • Stay hydrated, constantly. Even if you don’t think you are thirsty, drink water. It is a smart idea to keep a water bottle with you at all times during the summer so that you can stay hydrated all day long. However, during your workouts, it is especially important to keep the fluids close by.

In addition to these helpful tips, there is one additional must do that you need to keep in mind: wear sunscreen! Sunscreen will prevent you from getting burned, and this will help you to stay comfortable as the summer progresses. Sunburn aggravates your skin and dehydrates you, making it difficult to work out for days on end until it heals. During the summer you are constantly exposed to the sun, and so it is a smart idea to wear sunscreen every day and to reapply often as you continue to head outdoors.

Before you start taking on any new exercise routine, check in with your weight loss surgeon to confirm that you are ready for the challenge. Then stay hydrated and get outdoors!