Exercise Entertainment


One of the biggest problems often cited in regards to keeping up with a regular exercise routine is boredom. Plain and simple, it is really difficult to push yourself to keep up with your workout plans day after day when you don’t enjoy the process. Sure, there are some people who enjoy working out on its own. They may not need a distraction to push them through an hour at the gym—or even more than that. But that mentality is definitely not the norm.

When you live in a world that is dominated by a to-do list, with things to do at work, at home, and for friends and family, it can be difficult to find the motivation to carve out an hour of your day to do something you just don’t like to do. As you get to the gym or as you head outside for your walk, it is too easy to become bogged down in your thoughts of what you have to do next and to give up on your workout altogether. Or, to become so engrossed in attempting to answer your emails or peruse social media that you accidentally give up on your intensity level, leaving you to do not much more than a casual walk on the treadmill, or a stroll through your neighborhood, rather than an intense jog that will leave you sweating as you push towards reaching your weight loss goals.

There are plenty of ways to adjust this issue by helping you to connect your exercise routine with something you genuinely like to do. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Try listening to an audiobook. Don’t feel like you have enough time to read in your busy life? Your exercise routine is a great time to up your reading time by downloading audiobooks. You can try purchasing audiobooks from helpful apps like Audible or download them for free with Public Library extensions, like the popular app Libby.
  • Get into a podcast. Not so much into audiobooks? Perhaps you would enjoy a podcast. Podcasts started out for apple products only, but are not available with any internet or data connection, regardless of manufacturer. You can download a podcast about just about anything, from political talk shows to fan fiction, to actual fiction.
  • Explore the internet radio. If you do love listening to music, then you may enjoy trying out a curated workout music station on the internet. You don’t have to download the music yourself. Instead, let Spotify, iTunes or Google Play figure out what you are in the mood to listen to, and just plug the earphones in to be entertained.

You don’t need to love exercise to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Finding something you do like about your exercise routine can help you be a lot more motivated as you move forward with your healthy habits. For guidance with what kind of workout routine to develop, reach out to your weight loss surgeon.