Exercise that Adds Up


Weight loss surgery creates a major advantage for you as you try to lose weight. However, it doesn’t do the entire job on its own. When you sign up for any weight loss program, even bariatric surgery, you typically have to agree to some level of physical activity.

Exercise with weight loss by causing the body to burn calories, which helps muscles become more toned and your body to have that thin and fit appearance you’ve been working towards. But there are a lot of different exercises out there, and some are a lot easier and more enjoyable than others—so which is the best workout to get started with?

How Many Calories Am I Burning?

The whole point of exercise is to burn calories, as this is what helps you lose weight. But not every activity that you engage in burns the same amount of calories. What’s more, not every person will burn the same amount of calories doing the exact same activity.

There are several reasons for this:

  • First, the amount of calories you burn doing any activity depends entirely on how much you weigh.
  • Second, the intensity level you do an activity at directly influences how many calories you burn.

So, two people working out together for the exact same length of time may burn a totally different number of calories.

However, you can predict how many calories you’ll burn just by knowing approximately how many calories per hour and per pound of body weight an activity burns off. Doing traditional activities like playing sports burns some of the most.

For example, a game of basketball can burn up to 3.78 calories per hour per pound of body weight. So, for a 200 lb person, an hour-long game of basketball could burn off more than 700 calories. Of course, you’d have to be actively running up and down the court the entire time to reach that number!

Doing standard housework will help you burn about 1.62 calories per hour/body lb, while going for a leisurely bike ride can help you burn 1.74 calories per hour/body lb.

The easiest way to track how many calories you are burning off vs. taking in is to download a phone app that tracks your weight. Check your app store for different options. In the end, the best workout for you after weight loss surgery is one that you are going to keep up with. So pick a workout that you enjoy and keep it up!