Forget Winter Blues, Try these Winter Workouts


The long winter months combined with the shortened winter days can really take a toll on even the most dedicated workouts. If you live in a place where ice and snow mark the ground for most of the winter season, then going for a jog or a bike ride isn’t really an option.

But even if you live somewhere more temperate, heading out into the cold winter air might not be comfortable, as many people have difficulty breathing easily in the cold weather, and even more have difficulty finding the motivation to face the icy air for more than a few minutes.

Indoor Workouts for a Fit Winter

Taking your workout indoors is the best answer to the winter-workout issue. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your workout for the duration of the colder months of the year so that by the time you make it to spring you’ll be energized and ready to embark on your outdoor workout with fresh energy.

Here are a few ways that you can get fit this winter:

  1. Go online instead of going outside. If you are looking for a way to workout indoors in the comfort of your own home, look no further than the internet. You can take advantage of guided workouts from kick-boxing to yoga and everything in between. Dance classes are an especially energy-boosting workout that can keep your fitness fresh and new from right in your living room.
  2. Explore community centers during this off-peak time of the year. While schools are in session and families are traveling, many of the local stomping grounds are probably pretty empty. If you are hoping to still get out of your house, then you can look around your community to find creative places to workout, aside from the stereotypical gym. This can include a community pool, many of which are heated during the winter.
  3. Find creative solutions to the stereotypical gym problem. Another great idea is to check out a local rock gym, as rock climbing is an intense full-body workout that is also a mental challenge. If you are really looking to de-thaw from the outdoor cold, find a hot yoga class near you. Power yoga focuses on building muscle mass through structured poses, and in the 105 degrees heated room you are bound to sweat off a bunch of calories.

Don’t give up on your workout goals this winter. Take advantage of indoor activities that will keep you out of the cold but just as active. Staying active through the winter is the best way to prepare yourself for a healthy spring.