Four Unusual Tactics For Increasing Productivity


Productivity is important to everyone. No one can be successful in life without being productive. Most of us are already familiar with the tried and true methods for improving productivity. As effective as these tactics are, sometimes more unusual approaches are needed. Here are four off-beat, surprising, but nonetheless fully effective ways you ran improve your productivity.

  1. Take breaks.

Working continuously without breaks might boost productivity — but solely in the short term. Effort can only be sustained for so long. Without adequate time to rest, productivity will eventually collapse. Give yourself at least a few minutes of break time every couple hours. In the bigger picture, remember to rest on weekends and take vacations. Allowing time to decompress and relieve stress is the only way to avoid burnout.

  • Embrace boredom.

It’s easy to equate being busy with being productive. After all, if you are constantly engaged in activity, you must be getting a lot done… Right? Actually, no. Perpetual busyness is often a sort of disguise for inefficient, nearly worthless work. Important, difficult work requires shutting out distractions and engaging in some serious concentration. Instead of switching constantly from one task to another, focus on just the task at hand. You may be bored at first, but you’ll accomplish more.

  • Relax.

The desire to be productive can generate worry, anxiety, and stress. Stress, in turn, hampers productivity. The secret to breaking this cycle is to relax a little. Yes, you have a lot to get done — but worrying won’t help any. All you can ask of yourself is to try your best. You should care about that deadline — but not too much. The world is going to keep spinning whether you reach your goals or not, so don’t let stress overwhelm you.

  • Engage in positive self-talk.

Being productive can depend as much on attitude as anything else. Belief matters. If you don’t think you’ll get much work done, that’s exactly what will happen. Defeatism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nourish optimistic thoughts instead. Tell yourself you are dedicated, focused, and capable of completing the projects that lie before you. Reflect on past successes to remind yourself of what you are capable of.

These four productivity tips may all seem a little counterintuitive. But just because they seem a touch odd doesn’t mean these methods don’t work. Try these tactics out yourself and you will find how effective they can be.