Increasing Activity, Everywhere You Go


Increasing Activity, Everywhere You GoWeight loss surgery provides an opportunity for a new beginning. You’ve tried losing weight before, and those experiences stay with you all the while, but weight loss surgery provides a chance for you to take a new approach at developing a healthier lifestyle—a chance that generally leads to much greater results.

While your weight loss surgeon is going to help make it easier for you to lose weight by addressing the concern of hunger and providing you with a detailed dietary plan that is designed to help you stay healthy, there are other steps that you will need to take to ensure that you stay on track for successful weight loss. One of these steps is increasing your physical activity level.

Finding Time to Workout

If you could simply add an hour to the day every time you take on a new commitment, life would be so much easier. Instead, you have to find ways to incorporate the things you wish to accomplish into the time that you already have—which for many of us is already seemingly fleeting.

Between work, home responsibilities, family and now your weight loss goals, you don’t have a lot of extra time to spare. Finding 30 minutes to an hour of time every day to dedicate to working out is difficult for anyone. When you are just getting started with exercise and those workouts are challenging and not always enjoyable, finding that time becomes even more difficult. Rather than letting your exercise habits fall by the wayside, consider the most efficient ways that you could incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Find time to exercise by becoming more active in the things you already do. For example:

At home

  • Do housework the old fashioned way to take more steps
  • Try working faster to get your heartrate up when you do things like vacuum or sweep

At work

  • Stand at your desk instead of sitting when talking on the phone
  • Keep hand weights around for quick workouts between meetings
  • Walk around the office instead of sending emails

While running errands

  • Actually run those errands by moving faster through stores
  • Try parking your car one time and walking from store to store
  • Never take the elevator! Always opt for the stairs

Making these small healthy changes to your daily habits can help you burn more calories every day. Thinking healthy in this way will also keep your weight loss goals fresh on your mind, and will make it more likely that you will remember to prioritize time for your actual workouts whenever possible.