Logical Fallacies and Weight Loss


Sometimes, the biggest critic you have is your own mind. This is often the case when we set out to lose weight. As much as you want to stay positive and work towards your ultimate goal, this can be hard to do when deep down you just don’t believe in yourself.

After having weight loss surgery, you absolutely have to believe that you are capable of reaching the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Weight loss surgery can have a profound impact on your life and personal well-being, but you need to see yourself reaching the goals that you are working towards. Thinking negatively or bullying yourself during your weight loss program could interrupt your ability to achieve great results.

Thinking Positively for Weight Loss Success

Low self-esteem can be a big barrier during any medical weight loss program. If you realize this is something you are struggling with, then it might help to develop a few strategies to outwit your negative thoughts.

What are logical fallacies?

Logical fallacies are thinking traps that we fall into. These are often considered distorted thoughts, and they can be quite dangerous if you give them too much weight in your own mind.

These mental pitfalls include thoughts like:

  • Overgeneralizations: the attempt to make something complex sound simple
  • All or nothing thinking: the attempt to look at everything as black or white, win or lose
  • Disqualifying the positive: the attempt to think that positive events mean nothing in the face of negative events
  • Should statements: the attempt to put unrealistic expectations on your shoulders under the assumption that others expect something of you.

Of course, these are just a select few of the most common logical fallacies that could be interfering with your ability to focus on reaching your weight loss goals.

During your weight loss program, try identifying mental pitfalls like these before they gain too much power in your mind. Letting your emotions get the best of you can lead to discouragement, and this can dissuade you from keeping up with your weight loss goals. Do your best to stay positive, and combat negative thoughts like these logical fallacies as soon as they enter your mind.