Mexican Food Diet: Fact or Fiction?


This is one diet trend that a lot of people didn’t see coming. Mexican food has been a staple in many family’s households for decades (read: Taco Tuesday, anyone?). But that doesn’t mean that Mexican is the healthiest food choice. In fact, most people know that when they opt to load shredded meat, cheese and sour cream into a fried corn tortilla that they aren’t necessarily sticking to their healthy eating plan.

This is why the latest headlines about the Mexican food diet has left so many people scratching their heads.

The more time you spend researching weight loss ideas, the more crazy ideas you’ll start to hear. The cookie diet had a lot of popularity until people who followed it started experiencing the type of health problems that come from only eating cookies around the clock. The boiled cabbage diet experienced its own level of fame, again until it was quickly realized how unhealthy this idea really is. Perhaps the Mexican food diet will go the way of so many other dietary trends.

The Guac is Still Extra

Extra calories, that is. The biggest problem with the Mexican food diet is the name. When you think about Mexican food, you think immediately of the unhealthy but oh-so-popular items—the tacos, the burritos, the quesadillas. But if you were to actually look into the foods that Mexican people eat, especially those living in rural Mexico, you wouldn’t find these cheesy and fried foods around the clock. Instead, you’ll find an emphasis on eating local and eating a lot of beans and vegetables.

This is the primary idea behind the Mexican food diet: to forego the processed and fried foods and to return to an emphasis on locally sourced foods, particularly vegetables. Mexican food takes advantage of a lot of spices to create flavor. This is a great way to enhance the flavor of the food you are eating without adding a lot of calories, making your food more enjoyable and flavorful without adding more calories to your daily allotment.

But these aren’t the characteristics of most of the Mexican food that is eaten across the United States. Our perception of Mexican food usually includes items that are high in calorie and fat content. And these foods are not healthy, nor are they good for weight loss.

So before you jump onto a new weight loss fad with a creative headline like this one, make sure that you take a few minutes to really research the science behind the idea—or better yet, sit down with your weight loss surgeon and make sure you’ve got the story straight. Weight loss surgery is still the most effective method for weight loss.