Row, Row, Row for Weight Loss


The summer is a great time to head to the water, but there is so much more to do once you get there than simply go for a swim. Sure, swimming is a great form of cardiovascular activity, but so is rowing.

Rowing is actually a quite popular sport, present on college campuses and even in the Olympics. It requires getting into a boat either on your own or with a team, and using the oars to push yourself down the river or other designated body of water. In competitive rowing, the team who gets their boat down the water the fastest wins. However, you don’t need to be in a competition to experience the benefits of rowing as a workout. In fact, thanks to nifty rowing machines, which are common at just about every gym, you don’t even need to be in the water!

Rowing is a unique exercise thanks to the way it combines weight training with cardiovascular exercise. The pulling motion uses resistance training to help you build strength, while the repetitive motion promotes heart health.