Weight Loss on a Budget


Eating healthy has a bad reputation for being something only the well-off can afford to do. There are plenty of reasons that this stigma exists surrounding healthy foods. Fast food restaurants cater to quick, easy and inexpensive meals, and these restaurants make their money by selling what people want to eat: fried and greasy foods that are loaded with fat and cholesterol, but not much in the way of greens or lean protein.

When you make the shift over to following a healthier diet, saying goodbye to those quick and easy fast food meals can take a bit of getting used to. In addition to meaning that you need to spend more time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals from scratch, this also means that you may have to spend a bit more on the ingredients that will go into those healthy meals.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be overly expensive. There are plenty of ways that you can save a few dollars as you are focusing on improving your health and wellness.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Make yourself a grocery list and be careful to stick to it! Plan out your weekly meals ahead of time and shop for the ingredients that you know you will need so that you aren’t throwing money down the drain by purchasing food you don’t end up eating.
  • Cut off subscriptions to apps that are designed to help you count calories or have access to unique workouts and work with your weight loss surgeon to manage your weight loss program on your own. These apps can be helpful, but more often exist in the background and aren’t used regularly enough to make an impact on your daily habits.
  • Cut down on indulgences at coffee shops and bars and replace those unhealthy calories with as much water as you can drink. This will help you to reduce your calorie intake, as well as to help you cut down on your expenditure.

Weight loss surgery is another great resource to help you save money in the long-run. So many people spend years rotating through one failed weight loss program before trying another one, never actually reaching their weight loss goals. Weight loss surgery can be expensive, but it works. This means that rather than spending years wasting money on programs that won’t lead to results, you can put your money into a program that will get you where you want to be, allowing you to stop putting good money after bad.

Eating healthily can be expensive, but being smart about where you buy your produce and that you only buy the food that you are going to prepare and enjoy can help you to reduce your risk of overspending. Check out local farmer’s markets for the best deals on fresh foods to help save even more money as you lose weight.