After Weight Loss Surgery, Manage your Tech Exposure


Time management is a difficult thing to master—especially with the endless distractions that are surrounding you every day. Between social media, television, news apps and phone games, there are countless ways to become preoccupied with your technology, and if you aren’t careful you could end up losing hours out of your day.

After weight loss surgery, you have to start managing your time as efficiently as possible to ensure that you are fitting in all of the additional healthy habits that are going to help you reach your weight loss goal. This means finding time to exercise, sleeping 8 hours, and fitting in enough you time for stress management so you don’t get overworked. There is a chance your daily tech routines could help you with this—but there is also a chance your tech could be hurting you.

Time Invested, or Time Wasted?

Researchers have predicted that the average person could read over 100 books during the course of the time spent on social media in any given year. With that much screen time, it is no wonder that so many people have trouble finding time to exercise and prepare healthy meals.

Rather than spending your time scrolling through news feeds, look into apps that are designed to help you manage your time. Running apps that have push notifications to remind you to get moving after a few days without heading out for a walk are particularly motivational. There are even apps that are designed to help you spend those few minutes that you want to scroll through Facebook doing meditational activities, instead.

The reality is that finding time to be healthier will likely mean finding ways to put down the technology more often during the day. Prevent technology from controlling your life by disconnecting every day. Schedule time in the evening when you can put your phone aside and focus on preparing a healthy meal. Turning off your phone is a great way to disconnect from your professional obligations and provide yourself with the down-time necessary to stay balanced and reduce stress, which is an important component of your journey towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.