Sleep it Off: Weight Loss and Sleeping Habits


When you don’t get enough sleep your body is fighting from behind all day. Being drained of energy from lack of sleep, you are more likely to look for energy where you can find it easily: in food.

Unfortunately, healthy foods aren’t typically convenient or appetizing when you are overly tired. Instead, you are going to be drawn to sugary snacks and processed foods that can be prepared quickly and easily. You are also far more likely to help yourself to a few extra sodas and sugary coffees, as you are so tired that you will feel justified in having the extra treat.

It’s Time to Sleep Better

Getting a healthy night’s rest starts when you are awake. You can’t simply make the choice to start sleeping better and expect the change to happen overnight. You need to start with what you can control, and that means addressing the poor habits that may be keeping you awake in the first place.

Here is a quick list of tips that could help you get a better night’s rest:

Turn it off: Whether it is your phone or your television, the reality is that the screen needs to be turned off if you want to get a good night’s rest. Falling asleep with the TV on can be a lifelong poor habit that can seriously interfere with your ability to sleep well. Also, constantly checking your email or social media feed is both stimulating and stressful, and so not a good thing to do when you are going to bed.

Create a routine: A regular routine can help you get the rest that you need, as it helps your body to know that it is time to shut down for the night. Try taking a warm shower or bath as you turn off your phone for the night. Or, do some light stretching or other type of exercise to alleviate tension from the day. Journaling or reading a book are other great ways to help your mind calm down and prepare for bed.

Reduce caffeine: This should be common sense, and yet it is the one factor that so many people have difficulty letting go of. Drinking caffeine late in the day can seriously interfere with your ability to sleep. This means that the cup of coffee or tea when you get home from work, or that glass of soda with dinner, could be keeping you up all night. Switching to water is a much healthier strategy.

Making simple changes in your life like these can have a significant impact on your ability to sleep soundly. You may find that getting better sleep every night can help you to stay on track with your medical weight loss program after weight loss surgery.