To Lose Weight, Log Off


What would you do with two extra hours every day? Would you finally try out some of those healthy recipes that you’ve seen online? Maybe attend the exercise class that you have always thought about trying? Would you feel less rushed, and a little less stressed? Maybe you would get to bed early, so you would feel more awake and alert the next day, and more able to make healthy choices.

There is so much potential that could come with an extra two hours every day. But the reality is that the world will only ever give you 24 hours, and so if you want to find extra time in the day, you need to evaluate how you are spending your time currently.

Social Media Use and You

Two hours may seem like a lot of time, especially when you think of all the wonderful ways you could spend that time accomplishing your goals. But chances are you are that you are currently using two hours a day to do pretty much nothing. The average US adult spends a minimum of two hours on social media every single day. For teenagers, this average actually goes up to a whopping nine hours per day.

There is nothing wrong with social media as a concept. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends, to let people know what you are up to, and to become more knowledgeable about events in your community. However, if you are having trouble finding the time in your day to make the healthy choices you need to live the lifestyle you want for yourself, then it may be time to reevaluate how you are spending your time currently. It isn’t always possible to change your commute, or your to-do list, or your personal commitments. It is possible, however, to spend less time fretting over things on your phone!

Be honest with yourself for a moment and really consider how much time you spend on social media. How often do you scroll through a newsfeed, only to realize that you’ve seen all of this before and are looking at absolutely nothing new or interesting to you? Consider doing a brief survey for yourself, and track how much time you spend using the app every day. You may be surprised to realize that you are on your phone—and social media specifically—a lot more than you intend to be.

You don’t need to cut off your connection to the world completely to start taking back your time. Instead of deleting your account, delete the shortcut on your phone. Designate a time limit for yourself each day and don’t surpass it. When you do catch yourself logging on, get up and try to distract yourself with something to do, like going for a walk or prepping a healthy meal for later. Making healthy changes like this can really add up every day, and bring you one step closer to your weight loss goals.