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Yoga helps with weight control in several ways. Despite not being a major calorie burner, yoga makes you more mindful and aware of the dietary choices you make. But there’s a type of yoga called power yoga that is more strenuous than a yoga routine that only focuses on flexibility and stress relief. One benefit of power yoga is it may help with weight loss too. [Read more]

Do you wish the ground would swallow you when you’re criticized? No one enjoys the disapproval of others, but some handle it well. Learn how to deal with criticism, and you won’t be defensive and humiliated when people judge your ideas as unworthy. You’ll recognize the difference between constructive feedback and put-downs, and your healthy self-esteem will help you respond to reproach constructively. [Read more]

Negative thoughts are a natural part of human life, but do you try to oust yours? You might aim to stop unwanted self-talk, but you are doomed to fail. Perhaps you’ll think you’re winning occasionally. Nonetheless, your disparaging thoughts will return and bite you when you are off your guard. The only feasible way to deal with them is to let them go. [Read more]

Social anxiety can stop you enjoying life. When you want to go to parties, climb the career ladder, or explore the world, negative self-talk brings your lofty ideas back down to earth with a thump. Your inner voice says the people you meet won’t accept you, you’ll appear foolish, or some other catastrophe will occur. Mindfulness and NLP can help you overcome your anxiety and make the most of life. Here’s how. [Read more]

If you have decided to self-isolate yourself from others in the public to protect your health, you must not overlook your safeguarding your mental health. That’s because many people who can no longer go out and spend time with their friends get depressed. Also, staying home (most of the time) could raise your anxiety level if you get depressed. Depression and anxiety are both bad for your overall health. Luckily, there are a few simple tips you can follow to protect your mental health while self-isolating at home. [Read more]

Plenty of people are critical, and you’re bound to be on the receiving end of their judgments at times. Dealing with unexpected or poorly delivered criticism, though, is hard unless you know how to respond constructively. Here are five ways to cope and build better relationships, or at least grow in understanding, when someone expresses disapproval. [Read more]