If you want to get yourself in good shape, you need to do aerobics as a regular part of your exercise program. Aerobics really get your heart and lungs pumping, and that in turn boosts your cardiopulmonary fitness, benefiting every part of your body. However, many aerobics exercises involve a lot of doing the same […]

A trip to the grocery store leaves you with more choices than ever, even in the produce department. These days, you can buy your favorite vegetables in more than one color. At one time, for example, you could only buy cauliflower in one shade, but now you can choose from cauliflower in shades of green, […]

One of the biggest contributing factors to the significant rise in obesity and obesity-related health problems among Americans is increasing portion sizes. Americans are simply eating more food on average. However, you don’t need to take extreme measures like fasting or a crash diet to lose weight. In fact, extreme weight loss measures often don’t work very well. Plus, you can end up hurting your health and wellness by depriving your body of the important nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and strong. Instead, the secret to weight loss, as well as maintaining a healthy weight is practicing good portion control. [Read more]

Yoga helps with weight control in several ways. Despite not being a major calorie burner, yoga makes you more mindful and aware of the dietary choices you make. But there’s a type of yoga called power yoga that is more strenuous than a yoga routine that only focuses on flexibility and stress relief. One benefit of power yoga is it may help with weight loss too. [Read more]

Lockdown has been tough on all of us. It has been particularly hard on our waistlines. Most of us have had to be a lot more sedentary, and with the gyms closed and all those months where it was easiest to get a takeaway, we have found that it has had an effect on our weight. The truth of the matter is that we are not quite as svelte and slim as we were pre-lockdown. [Read more]