5 Breakfast Mistakes to Avoid for a Healthy Start to Your Day


A nutritious breakfast helps you start your day off right. It provides the energy needed to complete tasks, while making it less likely that you’ll reach for high-calorie snacks before lunchtime. Making poor choices for your morning meal can lead to weight gain, tiredness, and illness. For a healthy, nutritious beginning to your day, it is important to make good choices. For the best results, you should avoid the following five breakfast mistakes:

Avoiding Breakfast Entirely

By now, you’ve probably heard that skipping breakfast is a bad idea for most people. Not eating at the beginning of your day can lead to overeating during lunch and dinner. Skipping breakfast can also encourage food cravings and snacking. You should never skip breakfast unless you have a medical reason for doing so. If you’ve been skipping breakfast for many years, you may want to gradually reintroduce it into your day. Start your new routine with small serving sizes to avoid sabotaging your success.

Forgetting How Important Fiber Is

Fiber is extremely important for a number of reasons. It is highly recommended to include fiber at every meal, because it does each of the following:

•   Helps you to feel full

•   Provides energy

•   Aids the digestive process

•   Helps maintain stable blood sugar levels

Not Recognizing Healthy Fats as Good Options

Foods containing healthy fats are important for your diet. Eating meals containing healthy fats helps you feel full longer than eating options high in sugar and unhealthy fats. Healthy fat options include regular-fat yogurt, avocados, and nut butters. 

Eating Breakfast While Traveling to Your Job or School

If you eat while traveling, you are more likely to grab something made with unhealthy ingredients. Doing so simply adds more calories to your meal, while also placing your health at risk. Remember that a nutritious breakfast doesn’t just appear on the table. Each morning, you should schedule enough time to prepare healthy foods for your breakfast. 

Neglecting Protein 

Eating protein for breakfast helps you feel full because it takes longer to digest than foods high in sugar. Protein-rich foods can also help you to avoid unhealthy food cravings caused by being hungry. Breakfast sets the stage for the rest of your day. If you choose healthy options, you’ll feel full longer and snack less frequently throughout the day. Give yourself the energy you need to get through your day by eating a planned, nutritious breakfast each morning.