7 Foods That Help You to Lose Weight


Choosing the right diet or eating plan depends on the individual, as there are many different factors, including genetics, common health conditions, dietary requirements and lifestyle, that affect how each person will respond to particular foods and diet plans. However, there are several foods that can help to aid weight loss and make it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan.

1. Eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious, containing small amounts of almost every nutrient the human body needs. They are also a good source of protein, which helps you to feel fuller for longer, reduces hunger pangs and can prevent food cravings. Eating generous portions of protein with every meal is one of the most effective strategies for losing weight, especially if you struggle with food cravings.

2. Turkey

Turkey is an excellent source of high-quality protein and is one of the best sources of tryptophan, an amino acid that the body uses to make serotonin. Serotonin is essential for maintaining good mental health, as well as preventing depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Serotonin can also help to prevent comfort eating and food cravings. 

3. Tuna

Tuna is another source of high-quality protein and also contains healthy fats that are needed for the body and mind to function properly. Tuna is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can aid weight loss and help to burn body fat. Omega-3 fatty acids can even help to fight depression, a common cause of overeating and food cravings.

4. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a low-fat source of protein and is packed with important nutrients, including calcium, vitamin B12 and zinc. Studies have found that this high-protein, low-fat, calcium-rich food can help to increase weight loss, especially when using an exercise regimen to build muscle. Cottage cheese is also good for controlling food cravings.

5. Brown Rice

Brown rice is a good source of dietary fiber, which is needed to maintain a healthy digestive system and bowel function. Fiber also helps you to feel fuller for longer, reducing the number and frequency of food cravings. Brown rice is rich in several other important nutrients, including manganese, selenium, magnesium and B vitamins.

6. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a healthy source of both protein and fiber, making them an ideal snack for those wanting to lose weight. They are also one of the best sources of protein for vegans and contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals. One study found that chickpeas can even help to reduce appetite and prevent overeating. 

7. Popcorn

Plain popcorn is a great option for snacking, as it contains a high amount of fiber. Eating a small bowl of popcorn can fill you up and prevent hunger pangs, without overloading your body with stodgy carbohydrates. It’s usually best to make your own popcorn, as store-bought varieties often contain high amounts of fat, sugar and unhealthy additives.

Losing weight takes time and commitment, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose, but there are several foods that can help to increase your weight loss and prevent overeating. Eggs, turkey, tuna, cottage cheese, brown rice, chickpeas and popcorn can all help to boost your weight loss.