Beating the Week-Night Mayhem


Not long ago, sitting down to a family dinner every night of the week was the American way. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the way it is in our packed-to-the-brim 21st-century lifestyle. There are jobs to do, errands to run, kids clubs to attend, carpools to manage and when it is all said and done, stomachs to feed. It is no wonder why so many Americans rely so heavily on the fast food market.

But after having weight loss surgery, the drive-thru window really can’t be a regular occurrence in your life. The food that you can get in the drive-thru window is usually high in fat and calorie contents, and way oversized when it comes to portions. These types of foods are not part of a healthy diet at any time of life but are especially out of the question after weight loss surgery. The reality is that once you have bariatric surgery, your stomach won’t be able to handle that type of food—and you are better off for it.

Getting Back to the Basics

Busy lifestyles make simplicity a necessity at dinner time, but simplicity doesn’t have to mean take-out. Instead of reacting to hunger by purchasing food, be proactive and plan ahead.

Knowing what you are going to make and having the ingredients on hand can make it a lot simpler to get dinner done in a hurry. Keep a few 15-minute meals in mind, so you don’t have to turn to fast food. This will make the weeknight dinner crunch a lot more manageable.

So how do you prepare your home for quick-meal success? Take a quick tour of the produce section of your local grocery and find ready to eat or easy to cook veggies that you can make in a short amount of time. Look for healthy side dishes that cook in just 5 or 10 minutes, and couple it with simple lean meats that you can grill up in no time at all.

Try relying on simple meals like:

  • Grilled chicken
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Brown rice or pasta

You can find quick meals to fit any dietary preference. The key is to think of the basics and to focus on keeping it simple. Rotate a few of your favorites across different nights of the week and spice up your meals with different flavors to keep it fresh and exciting as you and your entire family eat healthier thanks to your home-cooked meals.