Comfort Food for the Health-Minded


There is something about the cold weather that can really make you crave some of the unhealthiest recipes. When night falls early and the temperature drops with the setting sun, it is difficult to turn away from creamy pasta and carb-filled casseroles. This is the time of year when comfort foods can really take a toll on your weight loss efforts.

By the time the warm weather of summer is around, it is already bathing suit season and the cold weather is barely a memory.  Saying no to your favorite foods all season long will grow difficult with each passing turn of the calendar. Even those with the most dedicated willpower are likely to give in and crave something to warm them up on a particularly cold night. To keep your weight loss goals in mind, you are going to need an alternative plan than just sticking to your own devices at mealtime.

Slimming down Recipes

Whatever is causing you to long for one of your favorite comfort foods, whether it is the weather or just a particularly stressful week, learning how to prepare your own versions of your favorite meals can help you take control. When you eat out or at a friend’s house, then you have limited control over the type of ingredients used to prepare dinner. But by taking matters into your own healthy hands, you can make a few substitutions that can add up to major improvements in both nutrient and calorie content.

Here are a few healthy comfort food swaps you can make at home:

  • Try enjoying pizza with a cauliflower crust, fresh tomatoes and low-fat cheese
  • Enjoy creamy pasta with zucchini or spaghetti squash as the noodles
  • Swap out fattening soups for healthy soups like butternut squash and carrot soup

Don’t ever settle for a recipe as is. When you look at the ingredients, start thinking about how you can make it healthier.

Simple swaps like skim milk for whole milk are easy, but you can also try using yogurt instead of mayo or sour cream, cottage cheese instead of cream cheese, broth instead of gravy, and fat free half-and-half instead of heavy cream. If you are new to the kitchen and don’t feel ready to make these changes yourself, do a quick internet search to see if anyone has come up with a healthy alternative for you.

Taking steps like this to help you stay on track with your dietary goals after weight loss surgery can help you reach your weight loss goal.