Temptations and Tenacity


How you can overcome temptations for sweet treats after weight loss surgery to stay on track for weight loss success.

Throughout your weight loss journey you will be confronted with a lot of different personal obstacles that will require you to show self-control. Some of these battles are going to be small, such as choosing to skip dessert at a restaurant or to limit your portion sizes at home to what you know is appropriate for your health. Other battles will be larger, potentially influencing how you spend your time and who you spend time with.

The weight loss surgery program is designed to make it easier for you to overcome the most common obstacles that prevent people from being successful during a standard weight loss program. The bariatric procedure makes it easier to cut down your portion sizes and reduce snacking by curbing your appetite. But as many of us know firsthand, just because you aren’t physically hungry, that doesn’t mean the desire to have a snack isn’t there. Those mental obstacles are something that you’ll need to work hard to overcome as you lose weight.

Fighting Off the Sweet Tooth

When it comes to managing your sweet tooth after weight loss surgery, there is no reason to give into temptation. Cravings can be strong and difficult to ignore. Having strategies in place ahead of time can keep your mind focused on your health goals when it becomes most difficult.

Here are a few strategies to help you fight off sweet temptations:

  • Don’t obsess over what you can’t have. Think about the foods you are going to eat, rather than about the things you want but know you shouldn’t have.
  • Eat your healthy foods slowly, and savor every bite just as if you were eating something you were craving. You may find that there are similar flavors that satisfy your craving.
  • Do your best to avoid the temptations that are most difficult to ignore. Keep sweet foods out of your house, and eat at home rather than going out to dinner where you’ll be confronted with the option of dessert.

Managing temptations is an important task after weight loss surgery. Take advantage of the sweet flavors that are part of your weight loss diet to satisfy your sweet tooth and to keep those cravings at bay.