Working with your Sweet Tooth


Becoming healthy and losing weight doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to sweet treats forever. It simply means you need to be more careful with how often you indulge in sweets, and be proactive by replacing your favorite sweet snacks with healthy alternatives. This brings up two very important facts that you really ought to keep in mind when you are starting a new weight loss program—especially one as strict and promising as weight loss surgery.

These two facts are as follows:

  • Never say never. Always say “maybe later.”
  • Don’t leave it at “No!” Always seek an alternative.

Cravings can be difficult to manage and are often one of the biggest downfalls of even the most well-meaning dieter. A craving causes you to want to eat something specific—often something unhealthy. It may be a piece of cake from your favorite bakery or a greasy burger from a forbidden drive-thru.

After weight loss surgery, indulging in a craving could lead you to have a severely upset stomach, as your reduced stomach pouch doesn’t lend well to overeating. The best way to fight a craving is to plan ahead. Cravings are common, and if you have a craving once, chances are you’ll get it again. The best thing to do is recognize that cravings happen and keep something around that will help you overcome a craving when it strikes.

Here are a few tips on how you can manage cravings in the moment:

  • If a craving comes late at night, consider preempting it by going to bed earlier. If you can’t wind down much earlier, at least head into your bedroom and shut down the kitchen for the night by turning off the lights and putting dinner away as soon as you are done eating.
  • Always opt for water first. When you find yourself wandering into the kitchen and wondering what is there for you to snack on, just take a glass of ice water and go sit down. See if you are still hungry in 30 minutes before opting for a snack.
  • If you want something a bit more flavorful than water, consider putting a bit of citrus in your water or opting for a cup of hot tea, instead.

Late night cravings are some of the worst, but they aren’t the only threat out there. Cravings come at all times of the day and in all shapes and sizes. There are times when a craving will be something manageable, and other times when a craving will be so strong and specific that the thought of overcoming it feels impossible. During your weight loss surgery program, learning how to manage these moments can set you up for weight loss success