Dining by the Date


After weight loss surgery, get your entire family on board with eating healthy by creating a dining schedule that works for everyone.

Too many people think eating healthy means eating boring, but if you put the energy into learning how to create healthy meals, you may be surprised by just how much flavor you can enjoy by eating healthily. In fact, take away the processed foods and the fried meats, and you may even realize that you can enjoy more flavors by switching over to a healthier dietary style.

For many people, the transition to eating healthy after weight loss surgery is stressful more in part to the fact that it is new and requires thought and planning than due to any actual stress associated with eating healthy foods. Creating a family dining schedule can help you overcome those mid-week panic attacks concerning what is going to be for dinner.

While your entire family may not have the same restricted diet that you will have following surgery, there is no reason as to why your family can’t make healthy changes in their eating habits as well. Making healthy changes together can encourage your entire family to eat better, and may even help other members of your family lose weight as you focus on improving your health following weight loss surgery.

Talk to your family and take into account meal preferences and favorite treats as you create a weekly dining schedule that works for everyone. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you create a dining schedule:

  • Try to pick weekly staples that everyone in the family loves, rather than forcing members to sit through three nights of meals that only one person prefers.
  • If everyone loves a food that isn’t healthy, consider healthy alternatives with similar flavors.
  • Pick three meals that you and everyone in your household are happy to eat once a week, and associate certain nights with those meals. For example: Taco Tuesday, or Salad Sunday
  • See if anyone else in your home is willing to cook once a week to ease the burden of feeding the family.

Finally, the most important tip to keep your family happy with a weekly meal schedule is that you are always prepared for what the night holds. When you do your shopping, do so with these weekly meals in mind. Keeping the weekly stable schedule will help everyone in your family grow better accustomed to your new healthy eating habits.