Getting Creative with Aerobics


If you want to get yourself in good shape, you need to do aerobics as a regular part of your exercise program. Aerobics really get your heart and lungs pumping, and that in turn boosts your cardiopulmonary fitness, benefiting every part of your body. However, many aerobics exercises involve a lot of doing the same moves over and over again, and so they can get rather boring over time. That can be real bad news, because people tend to stop doing boring exercises. Don’t let yourself stop doing aerobics, though. Instead, find creative ways to keep aerobics interesting, because the health benefits of aerobic exercise are too great to pass up.

Creative Aerobics

Aerobic exercises are not just limited to treadmills and exercises bikes. Anything that gets your heart and lungs pumping is a form of aerobic exercise. If you get a little creative with your workouts, you are sure to find something that’s not only good aerobic exercise but also fun to do. Try some of these examples below, or use them as inspiration to make something up yourself.

Dog Skating

If you have a dog, then dog walking is a part of your daily routine. Why not turn it into a fun aerobic exercise as well? Put on a pair of skates when you go to the park with your furry friend. Dogs love to run, and your skates can help you keep up. Skating around with your dog can be good aerobic exercise, and it’s much easier on your body than running.

Dancing Your Way to Fitness

If you like dancing, then dance! As long as your dancing is fast-paced, it is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. And because you are expressing yourself through dance instead of mindlessly doing the same few moves over and over again, it’s a lot more likely to stay fun and exciting.

If you don’t really know how to dance, or if you need the company of other people while you exercise, you can always take a dance class. You’ll get a full workout, you’ll learn some new dance moves, and it might even develop into a new hobby!

High Speed Shadow Boxing

If martial arts is more your thing, try high-speed shadow boxing. Just stand with your back to a light and throw punches aimed at the head and body of your shadow. Try bobbing and weaving your head while you do, and engaging in some evasive footwork, just like you would in a real match. If you do it all with the same speed you would use in a fight, you can get a good aerobic workout this way. Not only that, you’ll be training your punching form.

No matter what you do, it can work as an aerobic exercise, as long as you are working hard enough to start breathing heavily and have a fast pulse rate. If you can find something that you really enjoy as it gives you an aerobic workout, you’ll stay committed to your exercise regimen and will eventually reach your fitness goals.