How Obesity Effects Your Health


Most people understand the impact that obesity has on chronic health. The longer you live with obesity, the greater your chances are for developing obesity related diseases, including heart disease, certain cancers, type-2 diabetes, and more. Obesity can negatively impact your ability to sleep at night, and it can interfere with your mental wellbeing, making you more susceptible to anxiety and depression.

However, this is only part of how obesity can impact your health. Obesity can also have a big impact on your immune health, which means that the longer you struggle with obesity, the longer you are exposed to increased risk of common illnesses and even the flu. These smaller issues may not seem like as big of a deal on the surface, but being sick more often can mean more missed days of work, more missed opportunities to spend time with friends and family, and more days spent feeling just not like yourself.

Losing weight can help improve immune health in several ways:

1. Nutrition supports optimal immune health. Making healthier dietary choices can help improve your immune system. Its long been known that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but the reality is that eating a nutrient dense diet that is rich in plant-based foods can significantly improve your immune health.

2. Working out every day can improve your immune system strength. Daily exercise is good for managing stress levels, which in turn help to support optimal immune health.

3. Obesity puts added stress on the body, so losing weight reduces that stress and supports the immune system. Eating a healthy diet and working out then have a triple-effect on the immune system, as they on their own are positive things to support immune health, but the result of following these habits, weight loss, in turn supports immune health even further.

Heading to the gym is no fun when you have a cold, so even before you start losing weight it is a good idea to start taking steps to improve your immune health as much as possible. This could include reducing your exposure to germs by washing your hands regularly, and also taking a strong multi-vitamin. For more support with staying healthy, talk with your weight loss doctor.