Indoor Workouts for Hot Days


Somedays are just too hot. From the time the sun comes up in the morning until it goes down in the evening, the temperature continues to climb, and with the rising temperature is a rising level of discomfort associated with heading outside for your workout.

Rather than pushing yourself in the heat, which is not a healthy thing to do in many situations, it may be helpful to find ways to workout at home. Your home workout can include some light cardio, weight lifting exercises, and some basic stretching and flexibility exercises.

Working out at home is easy, even if you aren’t used to guiding your own workouts. To get started, you can find a workout video on YouTube or follow a simple workout guide from the internet. Otherwise, you can just get started with activities that you know you like, such as jumping jacks, push-ups, or lunges. If you still have children home for the summer, then try making your workout a fun game of follow-the-leader with your children, or use commercial breaks as a get up and jump around the house period. Getting active at home is a great way to burn calories, even when the sun is telling you to stay inside.