Obesity Health Risks: Liver Cancer


Obesity Obesity Health Risks liver diseaseposes a handful of serious health risks to anyone who struggles with excess weight. The major health risks are becoming well-known. These include type-2 diabetes and heart disease. However, there is a long list of additional health problems that obesity may open the door to, and it is important to understand the risks that excess weight may be putting on your health.

Recently, a team of researchers found that obesity, specifically obesity early on in life, poses an unprecedented risk to the liver. Specifically, the researchers found that being overweight or obese increases your risk of develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and even liver cancer.

Understanding the Risk

A team of researchers out of Sweden, coming from the Center of Digestive Diseases and Karolinska University in Stockholm, found that men who struggled with obesity early on in life, during the formative years up to the age of about 20, were more likely to experience liver disease later on in life, or after the age of 50.

To collect this information the researchers looked at existing longitudinal data from troves of personal information collected from military conscription files. The researchers looked at thousands of files, analyzing the weight of individuals when they first enlisted their services and then again at their health records later in life.

The researchers looked at data from more than one million Swedish men, and found that men who were overweight early in life were about 50 percent more likely to experience liver disease later in life when compared to someone of a healthy weight level. What is more, the researchers found that men who were obese were more than twice as likely to develop liver disease when compared to men of a healthy weight level; and for obese men who were also struggling with type-2 diabetes the risk became closer to three times the amount.

The reason for the increase in liver disease comes down to fat deposits in the liver itself. Over time, continued damage to the liver could lead to liver cancer. Losing weight reduces the likelihood of fat developing here, and can actually reverse the onset of fatty liver disease, if measures to lose weight are taken early enough. This information sheds further light as to why it is so important to do something about obesity as early as possible. Weight loss surgery is a great resource for losing weight, helping you to reduce risks of obesity-related disease like liver cancer. If you are concerned about potential health risks, talk to your weight loss surgeon about your options.