Obesity on the Rise in the US


The CDC recently reported that the obesity rate in the United States is higher than ever. According to the latest medical research and polling, now approximately 40% of all US adults are obese, with even more of the US adult population being overweight. What’s more, these new findings also revealed that at least 20% of children in the United States are also obese. This is the highest the obesity rate has ever been in the United States, and weight loss experts are working hard to find the best way to connect those who are struggling with obesity with the resources that they need to successfully lose weight.

Understanding Obesity

Obesity is difficult to overcome. Once you are overweight or obese, you are more likely to stay overweight, or to lose weight only to gain it back–and then some. Many people who struggle with obesity can attest to this struggle first-hand.

Weight loss surgery is the most successful weight loss method. When you attempt to lose weight on your own through diet and weight loss, it is often difficult to actually reach your weight loss goal. Weight loss surgery presents an opportunity for ongoing support that can help you finally be successful.

When you make the decision to get weight loss surgery, you aren’t losing weight on your own. Instead, you are partnered up with your weight loss surgeon, an experienced team of weight loss experts, and are even presented with different support group options to connect you with other individuals who are going through similar experiences to you.

Weight loss surgery is life changing for this reason. The physical support that weight loss surgery provides is only part of the reason that weight loss surgery is successful. You will no longer experience hunger in the same way that you used to, but you will also have ongoing mental and emotional support to help you overcome cravings and make appropriate decisions regarding your diet and exercise routine.

Resources like weight loss surgery are the only way that the obesity rate in the United States can start to decrease. With four out of ten adults in the US obese, it is time for there to be a huge change in our health-related mindset.