Spicy Foods after Weight Loss Surgery


When you make the decision to get weight loss surgery, you make the choice to accept certain lifestyle changes. The increase in daily physical activity and acceptance of an exercise routine is one of the primary changes. The other changes are more directed towards your dietary preferences. Foods that are high in fat and sugar can’t play a dominate role in your diet following weight loss surgery. But beyond that, many people don’t realize that there are a few other food items that aren’t ideal following most forms of weight loss surgery. Spicy foods are at the top of this list. While there are many spicy foods that are not heavy in fat or sugar, many people find that they aren’t able to enjoy spicy foods in the same way that they did prior to weight loss surgery.

The Problem with Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are a common irritant, and after weight loss surgery you may find that your stomach is a lot more sensitive than it was before. This is especially true in the early weeks following weight loss surgery, when your stomach is still healing from your operation. During this time, exposure to spices like cayenne, paprika, and spicy peppers can cause a lot of indigestion and pressure on your stomach, and this may feel incredibly uncomfortable thanks to the still-fragile state of your stomach and intestines.

While the exact reaction you may have to spicy foods will change person to person, not to mention based on the type of weight loss surgery you’ve had, most people agree that post-surgery, their love for spicy foods just isn’t worth it in the long-run. If you crave spicy flavors, then you may want to think about ways that you can get a similar taste without the mouth-on-fire spice that will likely aggravate your stomach.

Try some stomach-friendly cooking tricks to bring the flavor into your diet without the added spiciness. For example:

  • Try cooking with moderate amounts of your favorite spices by adding just a bit of dried paprika or cayenne to your meats or sauces.
  • Use tobacco sauce as a means of enhancing flavor one drop at a time.
  • Compliment spicy foods with dairy to naturally lessen the intensity of the spice you are consuming.

Following weight loss surgery, your weight loss doctor will give you a lot of advice and guidelines pertaining to what you ought to eat. Following these dietary guidelines will help you stay healthy and on track towards your weight loss goal. So, even if you loved eating spicy foods before, if your doctor recommends you give them a rest for a while, then it is going to be for the best.