The Four Essential Reasons Why Sugar Is So Bad For You


Sugar is delicious. We all know that. We also all know that, unfortunately, sugar is not good for your health. Still, not everyone understands just how bad for you sugar is, or how exactly it hurts your body. Here are the four big reasons why sugar is so absolutely terrible for your health.

  • Sugar increases risk of heart disease.

 The fructose found in sugar is processed by the liver. There, fructose is turned into triglycerides, an unhealthy kind of fat. A greater amount of triglycerides in the bloodstream also leads to smaller amounts of healthy HDL cholesterol. This phenomenon harms the cardiovascular system, potentially culminating in heart disease down the road.

  • Sugar harms dental health.

Sugar is plaque’s best friend. Plaque is formed by bacteria which live off of sugar. The more sugar available, the more of these nasty bacteria. Over time, the enamel that protects teeth is worn away and cavities are formed. While regularly brushing teeth is invaluable and will do a lot to defeat plaque, consuming less sugar is also essential.

  • Sugar raises the risk of obesity.

Sugar provides no important nutrients and doesn’t do much to increase feelings of fullness. Even worse, sugar is very dense in calories. Empty, non-satiating calories such as those found in sugar are an easy pathway to excessive caloric intake. Consuming too many calories causes weight gain and, in time, results in obesity.

  • Sugar increases diabetes risk.

Obesity, which sugar already contributes to, in turn contributes to diabetes. But sugar poses a risk more directly as well. Simple carbohydrates like sugar are metabolized quickly. This leads to a sudden spike in levels of blood sugar and insulin. Over time, this effect reduces the body’s ability to process insulin. Eventually this insulin resistance develops into diabetes.

Even if you already know that sugar is unhealthy, being reminded of the unfortunate details is worthwhile. In the moment, it can be hard to remember why you should say no to that yummy doughnut or extra piece of cake. Knowing precisely why sugar is so awful for you will steel your resolve to live a healthier, better lifestyle.