Tips for Speeding Up Weight Loss


The desire to lose weight fast is totally normal. When you start making healthy changes in your life and set your focus on reaching your weight loss goal, the last thing you want to experience is slow growth. Unfortunately, when it comes to healthy weight loss, the old parable of the tortoise and the hare really does set the precedent.

In most situations, the only way to sustainably lose weight is through regular work and slow progress. Of course, weight loss surgery does mix this up a little bit. Working with a weight loss surgeon makes it possible to drastically reduce how many calories you can take in during the course of a day, which can push your body into weight loss overdrive safely. Before having weight loss surgery, you have to think about what little changes you can make to increase your weight loss potential. While these changes will not be as helpful as bariatric surgery, they can still give your body a nice little push as you are preparing to undergo your weight loss procedure—and research shows that the more weight you lose prior to weight loss surgery, the more successful you’ll be after.

Here are a few simple strategies to help you kick start your weight loss efforts:

Step 1: Cut down your intake of sugar and starches as much as possible. While some diets, like the Keto and Paleo dietary plans, will tell you to cut out almost all sugar and starches, even cutting out half or most of your starch and sugar intake can significantly help your weight loss efforts.

Step 2: Eat as much protein and vegetables as possible. Replace your sugar and starch intake with lean meats and green veggies. You can eat more of these foods and consume fewer calories, which makes snacking throughout the day perfectly healthy.

Step 3: Build muscle to support your metabolism by lifting weights several times a week. Research shows that even working out a few times a week can significantly impact metabolic performance, helping you to burn more calories every day.

Make sure to consult with your weight loss surgeon before making any of these changes to your diet and lifestyle. For most people, making simple changes like these can go a long way to encourage weight loss as you prepare for weight loss surgery.