Visualize your Workout to Get Started with Weight Loss


For many people, the first time at the gym is the most stressful time at the gym, and the anticipation of this stress is what keeps so many people from getting healthier.

One of the biggest challenges that so many people face after weight loss surgery is adapting to a more active lifestyle. It is actually highly recommended that you begin this transition before you have weight loss surgery, for this reason. There are countless different types of workout programs out there, and there are a handful of exercise routines that are entirely appropriate for you after weight loss surgery. The trick is to look for exercise options that are low in intensity and easily modified to fit your needs.

So, if finding the right workout isn’t the hassle, then where is the problem?

For many people, difficulty exercising comes down to a mental issue. If exercise isn’t already part of your daily routine, it is hard to picture yourself finding time for it. Exercise has to become a priority in your life. If not, it’ll be rare for you to find time for it. There are plenty of distractions around Miami and Hialeah, so if you want to focus on losing weight, then you really do need to focus. The good news is that this is something you can begin working on day 1 after weight loss surgery. Visualizing yourself living a healthier lifestyle and planning your workouts ahead of time is a great way to wrap your mind around your new healthy habit.

Jumping into a fitness routine without the right preparations can lead to injury, which will only set you back further in your weight loss endeavors. Before getting in over your head at the gym, take a step back and visualize your entire workout.

Depending on your workout plans, you can visualize exercise by:

  • For a workout DVD: Put on the fitness movie and watch it from start to finish. This will help you know what is coming next when you are trying it for the first time. You might also want to look into online resources, like Daily Burn.
  • For a fitness class: Do an Internet search for the type of class you are doing. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect. Sometimes fitness instructors will let you watch one of their classes before trying it yourself. If you have this option, then mentally prepare before going to the gym and watching the course the whole way through.
  • For a walk or jog: Set a timer for thirty minutes and put in your earphones. Listen to the music you plan on listening to during your workout and close your eyes. Picture yourself walking through your neighborhood or jogging through a park. The timer and music will give you a good feel of the length of the workout.

Visualizing your workout is a great opportunity for a final problem check before you start your exercise program. Make sure your gym clothes fit properly, your water bottle doesn’t leak, your headphones are accessible and your MP3 player has enough music on it to keep you happy through your workout.