You Do You: Taking Ownership of your Weight Loss Goals


Things happen every day that you have no control over. You can’t control the traffic, or the weather, yet both of those inevitable experiences are going to somehow impact your day. It is all too easy to let events that you can’t control impact the things that you can control—and frequently this can have a negative impact on your health and wellness goals.

Shying away from responsibility, identifying an external factor that you can blame, or otherwise finding a way to dismiss blame and point the finger at someone or something else is tempting. In the moment it can do wonders to make you feel better, but it doesn’t do anything positive for your health goals, and typically won’t help you to feel better outside of the given moment. On the other hand, learning how to take control of what you can control in any given situation, owning up to the things you can take personal responsibility for, and determining how you can evoke your own sense of control to bring about positive changes in your life can lead to long-term positive results in your life—especially when it comes to your health and wellness goals.

Making “I” Statements for Weight Loss

A successful weight loss program isn’t something you can take on part-time. If you are going to succeed at achieving your weight loss goal then you need to implement the positive changes in your lifestyle from morning to night. This means finding time to exercise, making improvements in your diet and avoiding unhealthy snacks as often as possible.

Using positive I statements, like “I need you to help me in this way,” or “I feel best when this happens” can help you clearly communicate your personal needs to your friends and family, while keeping the focus of your weight loss program on you. Making “I” statements is a great way to exert control over your environment as you focus on losing weight after having bariatric surgery.

When your family can get behind you and embrace the healthy changes you are bringing into your lifestyle it can help everyone in your household lose weight and experience improved health, but this isn’t always realistic. Don’t focus on what those around you are doing. Instead, focus on yourself and make the best choices for your personal needs.