New You, New Look

New You, New LookThere may be nothing more validating after losing a great deal of weight than buying new clothes that accentuate your new body. After having weight loss surgery, the clothes that you wore before your bariatric procedure aren’t going to fit at all. This is a good thing! Shedding those clothes is one of the most validating steps in shedding the extra weight, and by getting into clothes that fit your new body you will feel a whole new wave of appreciation for all of the hard work you’ve put in to getting in better shape.

Many people who have struggled with weight over the years have a closet that holds clothes in all sorts of sizes. You may buy things here and there as you gain weight, and then as you lose weight you can fit into an old pair of pants that otherwise merely taunt you in the closet. This practice makes sense in the name of frugality, but not in the name of healthy living.

It is officially time to get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you, whether they are too big or too small, and to embrace your body where you are. The difference this time is that since you’ve lost weight with bariatric surgery, you’ve likely lost a lot more weight than you have in the past. Adjusting your wardrobe to fit your new body and getting rid of the clothes that fit your old body is a way to assure yourself that you are not going back.

Here are some tips for buying clothes after weight loss surgery:

  • You’ll need to buy clothing in stages after surgery, because you won’t lose weight all at once. Don’t plan on waiting until the end to buy yourself new clothes! Once your old clothes are too big (which will happen fast), start shopping in lower sizes. Consider buying clothes that are flexible in size, like dresses and flowing tops. This way they can last for a few months as you lose weight.
  • When you are still in the process of losing weight, consider shopping at consignment stores. Buy clothes that fit your body where you are now. The important thing is that you are embracing the healthy changes you’ve made and that you are dressing your body so that you are comfortable. Shopping consignment can mean getting more for your buck.
  • Don’t just shop by size anymore, but instead get in the dressing room and try things on. Don’t be afraid to do a little window shopping either! Even if you aren’t going to buy it, go try it on and see how it feels. As you lose weight, realizing that you are fitting into clothes you would have left on the shelves before is a great feeling.

If you’ve been overweight most of your life, shopping for clothes in a smaller size for the first time might feel both exciting and intimidating. This is a big step, so do your best to appreciate it and know that you don’t need to build yourself an entire new wardrobe in a day. Get started with the essentials and then work your way up from there.