Drink Up the Weight Loss

Drink Up the Weight LossStaying properly hydrated is fundamental to a fast recovery after weight loss surgery. While there are many aspects of your diet that will have to undergo changes following your bariatric procedure, the amount of fluids you should be drinking daily is not one of them.

Most adults require between 48 and 64 ounces of fluid daily. This is a number you’ll have to work up to gradually, as your reduced stomach capacity will make taking large gulps out of the question. Following weight loss surgery, you’ll have to re-learn how to drink water by frequently taking small sips.

Hydration and Your Health

Water is crucial to your health. It hydrates the body and helps promote every function, from movement to clarity of mind.

Drinking water promotes optimal health by:

  • Protecting joints, tissues and your spinal cord
  • Removing waste from the body
  • Preventing dehydration
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Maintain kidney and liver health

You cannot live without water, and it is by far the cheapest and most easily accessible beverage on this planet. However, most Americans are not drinking enough of it.

The benefits of water for weight loss run deep. Here are a few of the ways that H2O can help you fight off excess weight:

  • Stay hydrated. When you are dehydrated it is difficult to do just about anything, and that includes mustering up the energy to work out. You’ll also use more fluids when staying active, which means you need even more water when working out. Drinking enough fluids before going to the gym can give you the energy boost to push yourself a little further.
  • Boost your metabolism. When your body is deprived of water, your metabolism will slow down to preserve energy. Your metabolism controls the amount of calories you burn while resting. The faster it is the more weight you will lose.
  • Stay healthy. Staying hydrated will help you boost your immune system and flush your body of toxins. This can help you feel more energized, and will reduce the likelihood that illness will interfere with your weight loss plans.
  • Increase Fat burning. Researchers have found that drinking adequate water improves your ability to burn fat in a process called water-induced thermogenesis.

To stay hydrated after weight loss surgery, carry a clearly marked water bottle with you. This will help you measure and keep track of how much water you are drinking, instead of just guessing. You won’t be able to drink as you eat, so remember to take small sips often throughout the day.


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