Your Weight Loss Secret Weapon: Water

Your Weight Loss Secret Weapon WaterSecret weapons aren’t just for Superhero movies. Everyone needs a bit of extra support from time to time, and the best resources are those that are always available to you, hidden in plain sight. When it comes to losing weight, one of your best resources may be hiding right under your nose. That is because as it turns out, staying hydrated is incredibly important to any successful weight loss plan, and far too many people just aren’t taking their hydration efforts seriously.

A lot of things change after weight loss surgery, and your hydration habits are included. Thanks to the limitations of your stomach, it isn’t an option to simply chug a bottle of water when you are feeling thirsty. Also, drinking anything during meals isn’t recommended, as again you need to think about the limited space in your stomach and preserve every bit of that for the nutrients in your meal.

To stay hydrated after weight loss surgery you need to make a constant effort to drink water. The best thing to do is keep a water bottle with you at all times and to take small sips constantly throughout the day. If you fall behind on your water intake you could easily find yourself dehydrated, and that could result in severe discomfort—not to mention added difficulty with your weight loss efforts.

Why put so much effort into drinking water? Here are a few of the benefits that water provides:

  • Water is calorie free. It helps to keep you hydrated without adding any calories into your daily allotment, unlike almost any other beverage.
  • Water supports the body. Your body actually needs water to thrive. It lubricates joints, supports heart function and even helps you think.
  • Water makes for clear and healthy skin. Water helps keep your skin moist and hydrated, preventing drying out and oily build-up, which means reduced outbreaks.

How Much Water is the Right Amount?

The amount of water that your body needs depends on your age, gender, height and level of physical activity daily. This means that how much water you need day to day could change, and how much water you need versus a close friend or family member may be significantly different. The old adage of 8 glasses a day is just a standard minimum, but you may need more to really thrive.

If you think you may not be getting enough water, talk to your weight loss surgeon about the best way to stay hydrated after having weight loss surgery.