Get Moving: Why it Pays to start Exercising Before Weight Loss Surgery

Get Moving Why it Pays to start Exercising Before Weight Loss SurgeryAs complicated as we make it out to be, losing weight breaks down into a rather simple formula. If you want to lose weight, then you have to burn more calories than you take in. From here, there are a million options as to what your snacking habits should be, what foods are best to eat, and what kind of exercise is best for you. These are the questions that your weight loss doctor will help you answer.

In the first days and weeks after weight loss surgery you will be limited to how much movement you can engage in. However, once your weight loss surgeon gives you the good-to-go, you want to make sure you are ready to jump into an exercise routine. Research shows that starting a workout program prior to your bariatric procedure actually prepares your body for a faster recovery and an easier transition into an active lifestyle after weight loss surgery.

You need to make sure that you choose an exercise that is ideal for your current body type and activity level. Here are a few suggestions that are often ideal for easing into a strong workout routine:

  • Low-impact cardio exercise, such as walking or bike riding. Try starting out by just walking around your neighborhood in short intervals, or going for a brief bike ride. You can also use gym equipment to take your workout indoors.
  • Weight-resistance training with resistance bands or light hand weights. These activities are easy to do in your own living room. You can follow a video or written instructions online to learn the best movements for building muscle and strength.
  • Water aerobics, swimming, or aqua-walking for low-impact cardio exercise is a great resource if you have access to a pool, either at your home, community center, or even the local gym.

The goal of any weight loss program is to guide you through the lifestyle changes you need to make so you can adapt to a healthier way of living. When you are going to have weight loss surgery, these lifestyle changes will add up to a lot of dietary changes, of course, but it also means incorporating activity into your daily life. This is a new concept for many people. If exercise wasn’t something you enjoyed doing in the past, it is important to recognize why. Letting that negativity towards exercise sit around in the background could prevent you from pushing forward and losing weight, or may haunt you later on as you are trying to keep the weight off long-term. Getting started with an exercise program before undergoing weight loss surgery can help you reach your ultimate weight loss goals.