Adjustable Gastric Band

Adjustable Gastric BandLaparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is a restrictive mode of bariatric surgery designed to help severely overweight and obese patients safely lose weight. This restrictive surgery helps patients to feel full for longer periods after consuming less food. The most popular kind of adjustable gastric banding procedure is the Lap-Band®. Lap-Band surgery is the second most common form of weight loss surgery, following gastric bypass. Lap Band surgery boasts many benefits that other forms of bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass, lack.

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery provided in Dothan, Alabama is often performed on an outpatient basis. This means that a majority of patients will be able to return home just hours after their operation, eliminating any need for a prolonged and expensive hospital stay. The Lap Band procedure is completed with laparoscopic tools. Your surgeon will place a belt-like adjustable silicone band around the upper portion of your stomach. This belt functions to restrict the amount of food that you are capable of consuming at a given time. Connected to the silicone band is a long plastic tube that connects to a port that is placed directly under the skin. This tube allows sterile salt water (saline) to be added and removed from the band around your stomach. Following the procedure your bariatric surgeon will be able to inject or remove the saline solution directly into the port that was placed under the surface of the skin. This is what allows the band to be adjustable. As more saline is injected into the band, the tighter it will become around the stomach. The band adjustment process causes minimal discomfort and is done during a typical follow up visit with your bariatric surgeon in Dothan.

Due to the nature of the Lap Band operation no portion of the stomach or digestive tract is permanently altered. This allows the Lap Band procedure to be 100% reversible if need be. Most adjustable gastric band patients do not require its removal however, as often any issues with the band can be cured by simply adjusting the band.

A modified diet and daily physical activity are required after Lap Band surgery in order to successfully lose weight. Bariatric procedures that alter the digestive tract such as gastric bypass and duodenal switch surgery increases your risk for nutritional deficiencies, and therefore often require daily supplements and vitamins to prevent malnutrition. Vitamin deficiencies after an adjustable gastric band operation are rare.

The weight loss results of Lap Band surgery range depending on the starting weight and medical condition of each patient. On average, the Lap Band procedure leads to a loss of about 40% of a patient’s excess weight. This number will be increased or decreased depending on the dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits of the individual.