Success Stories

Hi everyone, my name is Bridgette Barkley. I had my surgery on October 17, 2013 here at Flowers Hospital. Dr. Scott Robbins did my gastric sleeve surgery here at Flowers Hospital, and I can honestly say my life has forever changed since I’ve had my surgery. I’ve lost over 130 pounds so far. My highest weight was 345, today I currently weigh around 198-195 somewhere around there. [Read more]

Hi my name is Celia Rolling and I wanted to tell you about the surgery that I had through the bariatric center at Flowers Hospital. Dr. Scott Robbins performed the gastric sleeve surgery on me March 31st, 2014. Just a few months ago I weighed 287 pounds and now I weigh 197. I’ve lost a total of 90 pounds and I’ve gone down five sizes, from a 26 to a size 16 now. [Read more]

I have lost over 100 pounds after Lap Band surgery. I’ve struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I’ve tried every diet and pill ever made. I’ve lost a few pounds but always gained more weight back than I have lost. [Read more]

If anyone is thinking about this surgery, in my opinion it is a wonderful thing. I learned an important lesson that is summarized in one word – believe. If you believe in it, you can achieve it. [Read more]

I had lap band surgery in July of 2010. It was something I had thought about for a few years before doing. I dealt with obesity most of my adult life so I knew it was going to be a lifelong struggle. I also had two parents diagnosed with diabetes. I knew that was going to be the road I was going to be on in a very short period of time, if I didn’t make a change. [Read more]

I had gastric sleeve surgery November 2013. It has really changed my life. I’ve lost a total of 141 pounds. I’m very excited because I can do lots of things that I could not do before. Since losing weight I have been snow skiing and I’m now able to ride roller coasters. [Read more]

What has the Lap Band done for me? Before Lap Band my weight was 298 pounds. I’ve lost about 78 pounds since my surgery. The gastric band surgery has been the best thing for improving my self-esteem and how I feel about myself. [Read more]