Bridgett – Gastric Band Success

bridgett-hWhat has the Lap Band done for me? Before Lap Band  my weight was 298 pounds.  I’ve lost about 78 pounds since my surgery. The gastric band surgery has been the best thing  for improving my self-esteem and how I feel about myself.

A lot of the sickness that I had to endure was because of my weight. I had a total four knee surgeries and I was unable to walk or do a lot of things. With that came depression and my love for candy, soda and drinks. The doctors told me to lose weight but with my knees the way they were, I couldn’t. After failing at all sorts of diets I had the lap band.

Before my surgery I was taking a total of 21 pills in the morning and 25 pills at night. Now I’m only taking one pill – period.

Now that I’ve lost the weight I feel better about myself. My family has always supported me so I didn’t have to feel like I was alone. However, before the surgery I would never go shopping for myself. When I went to a store it was always to buy for my kids or my husband. Now I go into stores to shop for me. This one thing has made a world of difference.

I recommend the Lap Band to anybody needing to lose weight and improve their health. When I meet someone in the same situation that I was I always share my Lap Band story with them. I try to encourage them and let them know that there is help and I really don’t think I would be where I am, or even be here today, if it was not for my Lap Band.