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The trillions of bacteria living in your intestines, often referred to as gut microbiota, play a vital role in health and wellbeing. As well as helping to maintain the digestive system, gut bacteria have an impact on physical health throughout the body. Two large European studies published in Science magazine in 2019 suggest they also have an important role to play in mental health. [Read more]

Social anxiety can stop you enjoying life. When you want to go to parties, climb the career ladder, or explore the world, negative self-talk brings your lofty ideas back down to earth with a thump. Your inner voice says the people you meet won’t accept you, you’ll appear foolish, or some other catastrophe will occur. Mindfulness and NLP can help you overcome your anxiety and make the most of life. Here’s how. [Read more]

Productivity is important to everyone. No one can be successful in life without being productive. Most of us are already familiar with the tried and true methods for improving productivity. As effective as these tactics are, sometimes more unusual approaches are needed. Here are four off-beat, surprising, but nonetheless fully effective ways you ran improve your productivity. [Read more]